Using StackOverflow in portuguese

By Jean Hertel, 08/03/2017, in category Tips

PHP, programming, StackOverflow

StackOverflow for those who do not know it, it is a question and answer network similar to Yahoo Answers, but a programming one.

If you do not know, you have a full version in Portuguese. It is very worth checking, because all the answers are given in Portuguese. If you still do not know StackOverflow or how it works I suggest to take a look at the tour.

I have been registered in StackOverflow since the end of 2014. Unfortunately after a few months of use I gave up. There were several factors that contributed to this, but the main thing was a huge amount of projects in the company that I worked at the time. With days and more days of hard work, I ended up leaving the site a little on the side. Now that I have a slightly lighter allocation, I have dedicated myself to the site again.

I was a little over 1 year off and when I came back the first big change I noticed in the community was the response time. If you ask a very clear and descriptive question, the chances of getting a quick response are very high.

See this question. I asked a question and, in less than 30 minutes, had a very elaborate answer. After a few more hours, I got another excellent answer, which I ended up marking as the solution.

Obviously not everything is flowers, and it is important to remember that some questions take a long time to gain answers. In the case above, I asked a slightly more "simple" question so to speak. There have been cases where I have asked more complex questions, Or with more variables. In this type of situation, the answer can be slow to arrive.

But it is always good to remember that we have the option of offering rewards to the community in order to receive a response. That's what I did with this question. Note that it is a configuration problem, and therefore very complicated to reproduce. To ensure that I received attention, I chose to give a reward of 100 points. After 1 day with the reward being offered, several users started to give suggestions of possible solutions.

If you still do not know the network, I recommend that you participate, it is very constructive. Help others by providing answers. Sometimes this is not very attractive, but believe me, you evolve a lot helping others because you will receive feedback on your proposed solutions.