The end of comments

By Jean Hertel, 08/06/2017, in category Personal

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Hello readers,

It's been a while since I migrated the blog to a static generator. The reasons were several, but the main one is always the performance.

When I migrated, I opted to use the Disqus comment system to allow readers to share their opinion. Unfortunately, after a few months, I came to the incredible record of 2 comments on the blog.

Lack of visits? Perhaps. Because the blog is focused on my personal life and programming, I do not see much room for readers to comment on anything. Even so, the possibility has always existed. But from now on I will remove this option.

What motivated me most to decide this was the great number of requests that Disqus makes, and considerably increasing the loading time of the pages. Some pages make 40 requests, of which 35 originate only from Disqus.

If you want to comment or ask something, use the contact page.