I moved to Germany

By Jean Hertel, 1/6/19

personal , blog

In June of last year I received an offer to work in Berlin in Germany. As I was already looking for an opportunity to try new things, I decided to accept it. The process took a while, but in September I managed to get there and start working.

After moving, I ended up leaving the blog a bit aside, to give more attention to the new job and the challenges of such a big change. I’m still adapting to some things, but I’m already managing to lead a normal life.

Of course, with this change of country there were also changes in behavior. For example: Before, all my web services were stored on a server in Texas - United States. Now everything is stored in Nuremberg - Germany. Another change that occurred to me was the fear of constant espionage that we suffered from using tools like Facebook, so my account there was also abandoned.

A big hug to my family who stayed in Brazil