Fix: KDE frezes after changing screen resolution on wayland

By Jean Hertel, 1/7/19

kde , plasma , wayland

I recently started testing plasma 5 with wayland. During one of my tests I decided to change the screen resolution and after applying the configuration the environment simply crashed. I decided to reboot the computer by force and after that it was no longer possible to start the session with wayland.

Starting the session with X11 everything works normally and I can even start a kwin_wayland session inside X11 but nothing from the session starting alone. After some research I found a strange file in $HOME/.local/share/kscreen/. Since I only have 1 monitor, I should only have one file in this folder, but the configuration program created an extra file and didn’t delete the old one, which generated that bug.

The solution to the problem was to open both files, look at which one had the resolution I wanted, and delete the other one.