Learning German 3

By Jean Hertel, 07/06/2017, in category Personal

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Hello readers,

In my last post I talked about my exam of German and the general progress of my studies.

Last week I received the result of my exam, and I was approved!! I do not remember the exactly individual exam score, but I took a total of 78 points out of 100 possible.

As I explained, the exam is divided into four parts, reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


The reading was very easy, with small letters and texts. I had to do a text interpretation, but I found it very simple compared to German lessons. I got around 23 out of 25 possible points.


It was here that I was really surprised. I had to read a text and answer some questions. The problem is that I did not understand anything at all of the questions. What saved me in this respect was the written text, which was free. I got around 9 out of 25 possible points.


I was quite nervous about this part, because I thought it would be difficult. I was surprised too, because it was very easy. I got something around 24 out of 25 possible points.


As I had already said, I was quite nervous and got in a lot of trouble. Curiously I got about 20 points in this question. I'm not sure how I got this score, but I'm glad they understood me :)


Finally, I now have my A1 German proof. Next week I'll finish the German course, so I'll have to look for somebody else to study.

A big thanks to all who accompany me.