Learning German 2

By Jean Hertel, 18/05/2017, in category Personal

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Hello readers,

It's been a while since I wrote the first post about my German studies. If you have not read, or have forgotten, please review here.

After all this time I remain strong in my course. Actually, I switched the course to a half-intensive mode doing four classes a week instead of two. I am in chapter 51 of 60, and if there are no unforeseen events, I will finish the course at the beginning of next month.

Last Friday (2017-05-12) I took the Start Deutsch A1 exam from the Goethe Institute. I have not received the result yet, but being positive or negative, I'm very excited because I can now make sentences complete and have a basic dialogue. The written test was very easy, and I believe I've hitted the majority. The oral test on the other hand was scary. Even knowing how to speak German and understanding most of the terms, At the time of the test it gave me a blank and I started to mix with everything.

Anyway it's being fun and I'm getting better at my German enough. I do not know how courses are in other institutions, but I leave here my strong recommendation to take a course in Wizard.

Many thanks to all who have supported me in my studies.