Sharing files easily between devices

By Jean Hertel, 12/26/16

android , syncthing

Hello readers,

In this post I will talk a bit about a tool that I have known for some time in the forums of Phoronix and that I am using until today. The tool in question is called Syncthing. Its goal is to enable easy and secure sharing of files across multiple devices. It is a proposal similar to other programs like the DropBox and Microsoft OneDrive, with the difference that there is no central server, nor any type of register.

To use the tool you need to install and configure the devices. For the share to work, the two devices that wish to chat must add each other through a hash.

Hash example generated by the interface to add a new device.

After the two devices have been added, they can select a folder and begin sharing. Sharing can be configured in a variety of ways, running as client-server, backup system, and several other combinations.

To share the files, the devices may be on the same internal network (LAN) or on the Internet (WAN).

Official site: