What if we could comment Youtube videos from Instagram?

By Jean Hertel, 7/25/20

fediverse , activitypub , twitter , instagram , youtube

Today I started my day imagining what the world would be like if social networks became just one. What would it be like if we could login to Instagram and with this account comment, share and enjoy Youtube videos?

What if we could participate in Reddit discussions through Twitter?

Believe it or not, these features already exist, in a network known as Fediverse. Fediverse is a series of social networks that communicate through the ActivityPub protocol forming a kind of federation that allows users of one network to interact with the other. By registering with any of the networks participating in the federation it is possible to communicate with users of any other network.

This nature of federation allows not only this functionality to communicate with other networks but also allows users to create their own network if they wish. Among the various networks that make up the Fediverso we can mention:

Posting a comment in a PeerTube video from Mastodon: Posting a comment in a PeerTube video from Mastodon

And the result in Peertube: Comment showing in PeerTube