Android without Google - Part 1

By Jean Hertel, 3/27/18

freedom , android , deletegoogle

With the recent Facebook data leak scandal, many friends have commented to me that they would like to better protect their data. Thinking about it I decided to write this series of posts talking about the tools and alternatives that I found to escape the Google eyes.

In this first part I will talk a little about alternative stores of applications and where we can find more applications.

For those who do not know, there is an excellent store called F-Droid that only provides free software to the user. I have already written about the store in this post, so go there to read and learn more.

This solves the problem to find new applications that respect your rights, but how to do with existing applications?

Fortunately the answer to this is very simple. There is an Android app called Yalp Store that allows you to download and update apps that exist in the Google Play Store. The layout of it is very simple, but according to the official explanation of their website the design is to be able to support Android up to version 2.

With these two applications installed you no longer have to worry about the Google Play Store and you can disable it with no problems.

Note: The Yalp Store you find on the F-Droid, so I recommend starting by downloading the F-Droid first.