Six months at T-Systems: Current status of my new job

By Jean Hertel, 28/01/2018, in category Personal

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In July of last year I received a proposal to work as a support analyst at T-Systems do Brasil. Although it was not in the area of ​​software development the proposal was very interesting because it would give me the opportunity to improve my German and still allow me to improve a very important skill: communication.

Now six months later I see quite a few different things and would like to share what else has changed for me.

The first and most important point of improvement was my language ... English! That's what you just read. The work proposal did not mentioned any English, but when I started working I realized that most of the teams spoke German or English. And this includes writing in-depth analyzes, reading and understanding problems described by customer, and attending at conferences entirely in English. I already knew English before, but I had never done it that way. I even took the TOEIC test at Wizard Blumenau and made incredible 820 points out of a total of 990.

The second point that improved a lot for me was my German language. Like English, he is indispensable. Every day I participate in an all-German SCRUM meeting where I need to report status from the previous day and still understand what the rest of the team goes through.

Lastly the ability to communicate has also seen many improvements. Unlike working in a team of developers, where everyone knows how the product works, in a support team it is very common for other members not to know how the software works, or to forget about some flow. I have drawn many doubts from my colleagues and whenever I can I try to explain in detail all the flows and my conclusions. Even so sometimes it is still not clear to everyone how systems work, and this has only stimulated me more and more to try to explain better.

What about software development? Well, unfortunately this one ended up getting cornered in recent months, as well as my own blog, but in early January I restarted developing and I'm learning C++. I even made public software that seems to have drawn a lot of attention from the community, but we'll leave that to another blog post. At the moment the focus is to learn C ++ and its nuances as fast as possible and try to collaborate more with the community.